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Corporate Website Your company on the Web

A website is the most profitable way to market and commercialize your business, it allows you to provide information of your service and produce 24/7. Each company has different needs and requirements, that is why we create unique and custom websites to fit the objectives of your particular company.

It does matter if you are a restaurant, a hotel, or a college, at Nerdwebs we specialize in making website to fix your needs. We want to be your partner and properly position your company on the internet.

E-Commerce Sell and grow Online

Having an internet presence opens an unlimited world of possibilities to expand, grow and sell product or services worldwide.Online stores are ideal for commercial enterprises that have a global vision without frontiers. Nerdwebs creates websites tailored to the products and services you sell, no matter whether they are shoes, jam or digital books.

When having your own online store, your customer enters the product they want to buy and you get the money, as simple as that. You can have thousands of customers in your store at the same minute, that is the magic of the internet.

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Virtual Catalogs Your full-time seller

Virtual catalogues are ideal for impartial commercials that aim to give more information of their products for persuading and conquering to the public objective. They are highly effective for consumers that base these decisions to buy mostly by reviews and analyze the product on the web.

Nerdwebs creates your website tailored to the products you sell, no matter if it is clothing, tools or fishing rods.It’s like having a salesperson in the internet, your customer can get information of the product that they are interested in, then can set aside your product or simply approach the store to acquire it. You can have the same salesperson giving information to thousands of potential clients in a minute.

Landing Pages or Microsites Fast, easy and effective

Although there is a small difference between landing pages and microsites, both are web pages of limited duration and tend to be linked to a promotion in particular, designed to generate an important visual impact and are optimized to get the best results in terms of conversion and immediacy in the response of the client.

These websites are effective if you have a product that deserves a separate site, or some kind of promotion worthy to create a website to provide information. They also have great importance if you have a conference, concert or event you need a site to make more effective the process of promotion.The perfect complement to your communication strategy and your public goal comes after pressing on the link of a guide, a portal or any banner located on another website.

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Social Media Management Welcome to the digital world

Through social networks we can boost ad campaigns, create promotions, publicize our products and services, give visibility, strengthen our brand and consequently increase our sales.However, marketing in social networks goes beyond that.

It allows interaction with customers: talk and listen in a direct manner and without intermediaries with your customers and potential buyers, getting information about tastes and purchasing processes, needs and expectations.Through this interaction, social media allows us to discover what products, services and which types of messages work with to engage the customers. In order for your company and your brand to win credibility, competitiveness and reputation.

Corporate Blogs Improve your public relations

Blogs are powerful tools to generate interaction and attention to clients. The content is the basis and the user the center of participation. Its main objective is the participation of the client, and that would be a channel input of visits to the web pages of the company.

They are very effective for generaters, with the incorporation of multimedia elements and influence in the sector by strengthening the reputation and visibility. Blogs are fully managed by the company.

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Advertising on Google Position your company on the leader

Have you ever seen the ads that appear when you do a google search or surf the web? These ads allow you to segment by key words and earmark a price at which are willing to pay for each click and at the same time define a budget for daily and monthly investment.

When Google users perform a search of one of the keywords that you have chosen to invest, your advertisement will appear next to the search results on the right hand or higher on Google and you only have to pay each time you make click in your advertisement. These are extremely effective for the launch of new webs because they help your positioning in the search engines.

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Branding Impress everywhere

The visual identification of your brand must be indispensable in your process of communication, is the first impression of your company and you must be great.

We carry out all the processes of branding, from the creation of logo from scratch, define your corporate colors or create your entire administrative paperwork. At Nerdwebs we are here to support you to project your company in a way that is professional and effective.

Advertising We help you make it prettier

At Nerdwebs we can help in the creation of graphic elements to help you promote and advertise your company, product and/or service. Our designers are specialized in make anything look more beautiful, especially that appeals to your target audience.

Create flyers, leaflets, pamphlets, banners, cards of presentation, ads and everything you can imagine it, we can create it.

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